CollaboratorHYPERMAX™ 3000/4000/6000

The Platinum Experience of Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration

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There would be a fundamental increase in your organization's current "speed of execution and speed to market"

If your leadership and management teams stop flying, to communicate face to face like this


and instead start visually collaborating like this!


Presenting Ultra Immersive Group Telepresence meeting experience–CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000LX+++with AltraInteriors VC™ for your management and leadership team at your nerve centers.

Let everyone see Eye-to-Eye. Get High Definition Video and Stereo Spatial Audio. Read every nuance of the other participant's body language.Explain from a whiteboard. Annotate your presentation. Get Real work done! Unprecedented engagement happens among all local and distant participants numbering from 6 to 15 each, depending upon these seating capacities.

Finally break the barriers of time and distance for your organization!

Experience amazingly Immersive Group Visual Collaboration on demand

Welcome to the world of Business Octane's CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM where business gets done in real time. And at the end of the day, everyone gets to go home. Why lose senior management time, spend large sums on travelling and lose productivity in meetings?

Instead walk down the ultra immersive meeting environment, take a seat, and collaborate with your remote management and leadership teams, partners and suppliers across the world. All while reading their body language all the time just as if all of you are in the same room. It's the Immersive Group Telepresence experience.

Accelerate your business

As your organization looks for ways to make collaboration easier and more productive, Business Octane's Enterprise Immersive

Visual Collaboration solutions, of which CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM is the most premium building block, can accelerate change and transform your business. With Business Octane you can achieve:

  • Increase the speed of execution for your organization by conducting faster and more effective reviews.
  • Reduce "the time to market" for new products.
  • Increase organizational efficiency & productivity by investing in work instead of travel.
  • Lower budgeted expenses by reducing travel costs.
  • Improve the quality of life of your employees by reducing their extended travel.
Unprecedented media rich immersive capabilities empower all your teams to get on the same page to get real work done fast.


When they meet over in Ultra Immersive Telepresence MyPcXPLAINTM empowers your teams to share their desktops with both near and far locations at the press of a button.



PaperXPLAINTM gives your distant and local teams the power to show A4 size documents (landscape or portrait format) and even object models at the press of a button.



TeleXPLAINTM Empower your participants to explain from an ordinary whiteboard with both near and far locations at the press of a button.


d) Electronic whiteboard and PC less presentation annotation

Built in Business Octane's AltraAnnotatorVCTM gives your participants the capability of get PC less presentation, presentation annotation and electronic whiteboard for both local as well as visual collaboration scenarios.

Further save your notes in a pen drive and mail the same anytime to both local and far participants.


Uniquely designed to give you perfect Ultra Immersive Group Telepresence meeting experience

e) See Crystal clear content without hiding hand gestures

The 17" motorized embedded in the table content displays are designed to make sure that all participants can see even the small font content clearly without hiding the hand gestures which are a key part of overall body language of the participants.


f) Business Octane's AltraLitingVCTM gives you studio quality lighting


g) AltraInteriorsVCTM engineered interiors gives you ultra Immersive Telepresence experience

The acoustically treated ceilings and walls along with high quality carpeting gives you same room feeling and improves the quality of audio in your telepresence meetings and audio teleconferences. It also provides the highest efficacy of Business Octane's AltraLitingVC™ for getting Ultra Immersive Telepresence experience. With all room electrical and networking included in AltraInteriorsVC™ interiors, get complete peace of mind for your order execution.

h) Optionally add standalone high quality audio teleconferencing capability

Optionally upgrade the audio conferencing experience to Business Octane's AltraCLARITY™. Remove confusion from conference calls and get high quality audio over ordinary lines. The quality of the audio makes sure that each spoken word is crystal clear with no hiss echo also the far site audio uniformly heard across the room.


Perfect for broad range of applications

Immersive group visual collaboration is perfect for a broad range of applications including:

Senior Executive Meetings

Empower the CEO, Senior Executives, Members of the board, and subject matter experts to make decisions at a moment's notice, even when they are not in the same city or country. Empowering your organization to compete more effectively and improving shareholder value.

Employee Learning and Development

Empower your finest trainers, domain experts from multiple locations to extend their search. Share best practices and provide your organization access to more learning options and expertise

Get Closer to your Customers

Empower teams to meet face-to-face with key customers across geographies on a regular basis to foster closer, more productive relationships driving higher customer satisfaction

Partner Collaboration

Create closer working relationships with strategic partners and suppliers to shorten project timelines, bring new solutions to market faster to gain a sharper, competitive edge.

Effective and natural visual communication for a variety of sizes

CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000 is available in three options. The three options are CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000 LXi+++,

CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000 LX+++ with AltraInteriorsVCTM and CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000 LX+++. Each option is further available in 4 seating capacities of 6/6, 6/12,13/19 and 15/21 for Group Telepresence/Local meetings. These three options are the building blocks for getting Ultra Immersive Group Telepresence experience across your enterprise nerve centers.


Business Octane's *SimpliUSETM+++ provides an amazing ease of connecting desired locations on demand and also record the meetings for senior users

Business Octane's new revolutionary user interface *SimpliUSETM+++ incorporates TeleConnectWizardTM forempowering any non-technology user on demand to connect one or multiple locations over Immersive GroupTelepresence, Immersive Dynamic TeleAllpresence, Immersive Dynamic Telepresence and over continuous presence with multiple Business Octane Collaborators, Video Conference Studios, Desktop Video Participants, Apple/AndroidTablet participants and multiple audio participants over MPLS, Internet and ISDN. All at the press of the favorite button or by pick, choose and add method using a 10.4 touch pannel.


(*SimpliUSETM+++ compulsorily requires Business Octane's TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server with recommended MCU. For meeting recording capability, recommended recording server required)


It also allows any end user to add ad hoc any audio video participants, join a running conference, increase or decrease bandwidth for the call, set up meeting ID and password, add/drop any participant or location into/from the running call giving them an unprecedented amazing ease of use.

There is also no need to bring any presentation, networking or audio cables in the meetings, courtesy two CableCILLINTM B 300. Universal power sockets and network connections are provided on the table.


SimpliUSETM M - for easy connection of any 2 locations

Business Octane's optional user interface SimpliUSETM M which is a downgrade of SimpliUSETM+++, is designed to empower users to connect one CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM to one another CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM or one CollaboratorTURBOMAXTMin the absence of a recommended MCU.


1 a) Get your management and leadership teams together from 5 locations in media-rich *Dynamic TeleAllpresenceTM on demand!


For the first time, see all the participants at all locations at all times divided on the left and right monitors along with any 2/5 participants from the speaking location in Telepresence view in the center monitor (center stage). The speaking participant's location automatically comes to the center stage to appear in the Telepresence Format with the default view set on the center 2/5 participants. The other participants have to just press a button on the table so as to become visible when they speak.

Business Octane's 2100 Dynamic TeleAllpresenceTM with other Business Octane Group Telepresence Systems gives the world's most effective multi-location Immersive Telepresence meeting experience possible.

1 b) Get your management and leadership teams together from 3 to 33 locations in media-rich Dynamic TeleAllpresenceTM on demand !


2 a) Also get media-rich Immersive Dynamic Telepresence between any two locations for all your other teams across your enterprise on demand !


2 b) Even collaborate with any video conferencing studio, desktop video participant, iPAD or any android video client anywhere anytime


3 a) *Empower your management and leadership teams to see everyone else at all times from all 3 to 6 locations in media-rich continuous presence on demand

Connect 3 to 6 CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000 or one CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000 with any permutation and combination of 3 to 6 CollaboratorMINIMAXTM T1000, CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM B1000, CollaboratorPOWERMAXTMV1000, CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM T1000, CollaboratorTURBOMAXTM V3000, CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000, VC studios, PC and tablet participants in continuous presence

3 b) *Empower your management and leadership teams to see everyone else at all times from all 12 locations in media-rich continuous presence on demand

Connect CollaboratorHYPERMAXTMT3000 or one CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000 with any permutation and combination of 11 CollaboratorMINIMAX™ T1000, CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM B1000, CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM V1000, CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM T1000, CollaboratorTURBOMAXTM V3000, CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000, VC studios, tablets and desktop video participants in continuous presence.


Upgrade from Group Telepresence to Group TeleAllpresenceTM experience any time.

Upgrade CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T3000 to CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T4000 or CollaboratorHYPERMAXTM T6000 anytime to upgrade to Group *TeleAllpresenceTM experience in multiple locations visual collaboration.

For the first time, let all meeting participants at all locations, at all times, along with allowing any one locationto take the center stage to be immediately visible at all connected locations, the moment someone starts speaking from that location. Thus, bringing to your enterprise an unprecedented experience to get together alldistant teams spread across multiple distant locations, in a manner that surpasses even face-to-face meetings in a large scale collaborations.

Not only the whole experience of collaborating & reviewing "without travelling" is much better than what is possible "with travelling"; It is also more easier to use than a cellphone for all the users, which allows them to get together instantantously.


How can you order Business Octane's CollaboratorHYPERMAX™ T3000 and take your senior management visual collaboration to the next level in just 8 to 10 weeks in your enterprise?

  • Why talking to a person who appears life size is dramatically more effective than talking to post card size persons?

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