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There would be a fundamental increase in your organization's current "speed of execution and speed to market"

If all your teams stop communicating over video conferences like this

and instead start visually collaborating like this!

Presenting Ultra Immersive Dynamic Telepresence experience –CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM V1000 LXi+ for your enterprise wide teams.

For the first time empower your enterprise wide teams to get and send dynamic telepresence experience on account of automatic speaker tracking and zooming, excellent eye contact, perfect seating for visual collaboration, excellent lighting that lits up their faces, high definition audio and full frame rate high definition video.

Also get all participants on the same page instantaneously by empowering participants to explain from electronic whiteboard, make PC less presentations with presentation annotation and even explain from documents. Helping your enterprise wide teams to get real work done in their visual collaborations sessions which was earlier possible only in their face to face meetings.

Experience highly Immersive Dynamic Visual Collaboration on demand

Welcome to the world of Business Octane CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM where business gets done in real time. And at the end of the day everyone gets to go home. Why lose precious executive time, spend large sums on travelling and lose productivity in meetings?

Accelerate your business

As your organization looks for ways to make collaboration easier and more productive, Business Octane's Enterprise Immersive Visual Collaboration solutions, of which CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM V1000 is one of the key building blocks, can accelerate, change and transform your business. With Business Octane you can achieve:

  • Increase the speed of execution for your organization by conducting faster and more effective reviews.
  • Reduce "the time to market" for new products.
  • Increase organizational efficiency & productivity by investing in work instead of travel.
  • Lower budgeted expenses by reducing travel costs.
  • Improve the quality of life of your employees by reducing their extended travel.

Apart from sharing their desktop at the press of a button built in Business Octane's AltraWorkdriverVCTM 75/2 LX+ and AltraContentVCTM CA18.5 helps your teams get instantaneously on the same page to get real work done when they Collaborate Visually or Locally

Empower your teams to get real work done when they meet over locally or visually. At the press of a button empowers them to make PC less presentation and annotate over them to both near and far location participants.

Present and annotate during visual collaboration

Present and annotate during local collaboration

* Optionally upgradable to AltraAnnotatorVCTM L65

Empower your teams also to explain from an electronic whiteboard to both local and far location participants

Explain from an electronic whiteboard during visual collaboration

Explain from an electronic whiteboard during local collaboration

Also empower your teams to explain from documents and objects

PaperXPLAINTM in AltraWorkdriverVCTM 75/2 LX+ gives your distant and local teams the power to show

A4 size documents (landscape or portrait format) and even object models at the press of a button.

Explain from documents using visual collaboration

Explain from documents using local collaboration

Perfect for a variety of applications

Enterprise wide managerial meetings

Empower your executive and middle management teams to get hundreds of their key tasks executed faster on account of dramatically improved collaboration.

Employee Learning and Development

Empower your finest trainers, domain experts from multiple locations to extend their reach. Share best practices and provide your organization access to more learning options and expertise

Get Closer to your Customers

Empower teams to meet face-to-face with key customers across geographies on a regular basis to foster closer, more productive relationships driving higher customer satisfaction

Partner Collaboration

Create closer working relationships with strategic partners and suppliers to shorten project timelines, bring new solutions to market faster to gain a sharper, competitive edge

Effective and natural visual communication for a variety of sizes

CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM V1000 is available in three options. The three options are CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM V1000 LXi+, CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM V1000 LX+ with AltraInteriorsVCTM and CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM V1000 LX+. Each option is further available in 4 seating capacities of 10/10, 14/14, 18/18 and 22/22 for Immersive Dynamic Telepresence/Local meetings. These three options are the building blocks for getting Ultra Immersive Dynamic Telepresence experience across your enterprise.

Business Octane's *SimpliUSETM+ provides an amazing ease of connecting upto 16 desired multiple locations on demand and also record the entire meeting.

Business Octane's new revolutionary user interface *SimpliUSETM+ incorporates TeleConnectWizardTM for empowering any non-technology user on demand to connect one or multiple locations over Immersive Dynamic Telepresence and over continuous presence with multiple Business Octane Collaborators, Video Conference Studios, Desktop Video Participants, Apple/Android Tablet participants and multiple audio participants over MPLS, Internet and ISDN. All at the press of the favorite button or by pick, choose and add method using a 10.4" touch panel.

*(SimpliUSETM+ compulsorily requires Business Octane's TeleConnectWizardTM 1000 master control software pack along with recommended MCU. For meeting recording capability, recommended recording server required)

SimpliUSE™ for easy connection of any 2 locations

Business Octane's optional user interface SimpliUSETM which is a downgrade of SimpliUSE™+, is designed to empower users to connect one CollaboratorPOWERMAX™ to another CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM or with any other Business Octane Collaborator, VC studio or desktop IP video client in the absence of a recommended MCU.

Apart from sharing their desktop at the press of a button built in Business Octane's AltraWorkdriverVCTM 75/2 LX+ and AltraContentVCTM CA18.5 helps your teams get instantaneously on the same page to get real work done when they Collaborate Visually or Locally

Empower your teams to get real work done when they meet over locally or visually. At the press of a button empowers them to make PC less presentation and annotate over them to both near and far location participants

Uniquely designed to give you perfect Immersive Telepresence meeting experience

a) Business Octane's *Monolithic Dynamic Telepresence Acoustic Display System (MDTADS) provides high aesthetics and complete installation flexibility.

Business Octane's Monolithic Dynamic Telepresence Acoustic Display System (MDTADS) which is less than 10" thick and includes one/two 55"/65" thin bezel LED displays (depending upon the model)and home theater quality stereo sound bar with 2X60W output , will add tremendous aesthetic appeal to your visual collaboration room. It also has 8U of in built vertical racks space to house video codec, AltraWorkdriverVCTM, AltraAudioVCTM and other equipments. The camera and displays are positioned in the most optimized manner to give you the best possible eye contact. Built in special camera mount allows you to add automatic speaker tracking and zooming system anytime without creating any wall niche. Built in air filter and cooling fans ensures a long trouble free operation. The unit can be easily relocated in future.

b) **AltraAudioVCTM - Provides exceptional high definition audio.

High quality ceiling microphones and digital signal processor based audio system provides exceptionalhigh fidelity audio during visual collaboration sessions.

*Only for LX+ variants. For LXi variants displays and speakers are flush mounted in specially created partitions.

** If AltraInteriorsVCTM interior is not chosen then the customer has to get the necessary improvements done in the room if required as per Business Octane's recommendations to enhance the user experience. Optionally replace ceiling microphones with table top microphones in AltraAudioVCTM or replace AltraAudioVCTM with AltraAudioVCTM - WL

c) Built in automatic speaker tracking and zooming system

Automatic speaker tracking and zooming gives dynamic telepresence/in person meeting experience to far site location participants depending upon the size of the display used by them. The far site locations can be Business Octane Collaborators, video conference studios, desktop video conference participants (using Microsoft *Lync/Lotus Same Time/Polycom desktop client) and tablet (Apple iPAD or any android video client) participants

Additionally without automatic speaker zooming mode the speaker just presses a button on the table to show himself/herself along with one adjoining participant in a dynamic twin telepresence view to the far site participants, when there are just a few participants joining in the visual Collaboration session.

*Compulsory requires SimpliUSE™+, TeleConnectWizardTMMasterServer 1000 recommended MCU, recommended Video firewalls and the recommendedvideo management server.

d) AltraTableVCTM ideal Visual Collaboration Tables for 4 different sizes of CollaboratorPOWERMAXTMV1000

Business Octane's AltraTableVCTM table design aids the cause of better collaboration with higher aesthetics, that conceals all the content displays, electronics and cables. Easy assembly and disassembly allows you to move the facility in future.

e) See crystal clear content without hiding hand gestures and get everyone onthe same page instantaneously.

The content displays on the table AltraContentVCTM CA18.5" for the participants sitting at the head of the table &AltraContentVCTM 18.5" for the other participants are designed to make sure that all participants can see even the small font content clearly without hiding the hand gestures which are a key part of overall body language of the participants. Additionally any of the two participants sitting at the head of the table without moving can annotate over their content, explain using an electronic whiteboard, save whiteboard & annotation notes in a pen drive for future use. The same can be emailed to all the participants for both visual collaboration and local collaboration sessions.

Optionally for the non head of the table sitting positions you can also upgrade to Business Octane's motorized content displays AltraContentVC™ M18.5".

f) Business Octane's AltraLitingVC ™ gives you studio lighting

Be it Immersive Telepresence visual collaboration sessions or local meetings, Business Octane's AltraLitingVC™ makes an ideal ambience for every occasion. The lighting is designed especially for removing the under eye shadows during visual collaboration sessions.

g) Optionally have AltraInteriorsVC™ engineered interiors to upgrade your visual collaboration experience from Immersive to Ultra Immersive experience.

The acoustically treated ceilings and walls along with high quality carpeting improve the quality of audio in your telepresence meetings and audio teleconferences. It also provides the highest efficacy of Business Octane's AltraLitingVCTM for getting Ultra Immersive Telepresence experience. With all room electrical and networking Included in AltraInteriorsVC™ interiors get complete peace of mind for your order execution.

h) Optionally add standalone high quality audio teleconferencing capability

Optionally add standalone audio conferencing capability by upgrading Business Octane's AltraAudioVCTM to AltraCLARITY™ which removes confusion from conference calls and get high quality audio over ordinary lines. The quality of the audio makes sure that each spoken word is crystal clear with no hiss and echo. The speaker could either talk sitting, standing or moving around. Also the far site audio is uniformly heard across the room.

i) Optionally add ordinary whiteboard explanation capability

Optionally add TeleXPLAINTM available in AltraWorkdriverVCTM 100/2 LX+ to empower your teams to explain from an ordinary whiteboard.

How can you order Business Octane's CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM V1000 and take your senior management visual collaboration to the next level in just 8 to 10 weeks.

1. Select the CollaboratorPOWERMAX™ V1000 models sizes for you're your boardrooms.

2. Select the CollaboratorPOWERMAX™ V1000 models for every nerve center, depending on seating capacity.

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