AltraMobilizerVC™ - H Series

  • Overview, Benefits & Specifications

An easy facility movable aesthetic visual collaboration system along with wireless audio, electronic whiteboard and PC less presentation annotation.

  • Easy facility movable system with built in provision for mounting codec, camera and concealed cabling provides you unprecedented flexibility in organizing video teleconferences from any conference room/training room/cafeteria
  • Built in collaboration bar for electronic whiteboard explanation, PC-less presentation and presentation annotation capability
  • High quality and high aesthetics machined aluminum construction with gradually curving feet provides excellent strength & rigidity. Four heavy duty castors make it easy to move from one room to another. Just one power outlet and network connectivity is all you need to connect
  • Good eye contact is achieved by placing the camera at an optimal height. The camera height is also adjustable
  • High definition full frame rate video
  • Available in four variants – HU 242, HU 246, HU 250 and HU 255. HU 242 variant has two no. of 42" PDP's displays, HU246 variant has two 46" LED displays with tempered glass overlay, HU 250 has two no. of 50" PDP displays and HU 255 variant has two 55" LED displays with tempered glass overlay.
  • Business Octane's wireless audio system AltraTELECONTM which includes wireless microphones and wireless speaker provides excellent audio during video teleconferences. It can also provide standalone audio teleconferencing capability.

Get easy Electronic whiteboard explanation, PC less presentation and presentation annotation capability both in visual collaboration as well as local collaboration sessions

Get an Electronic whiteboard functionality with multiple colour pen options using the supplied electronic pen. Whiteboard markings get sent automatically to the far site the moment user starts writing in a visual collaboration session, giving a never before easy explanation capability. These whiteboard notes can be saved in a user's USB pen drive.

Also, empower users to present without even bringing their PC by converting their content into a JPEG images _le and saving that in a USB pen drive. Further content shared using a USB pen drive or using a PC can be annotated upon using the electronic pen. These annotations do not disturb the original content _le but saves as new JPEG images. These saved whiteboard notes and annotations can be emailed to all the participants.

All the above capabilities are also available in local meeting sessions too.

Wireless audio system

Business Octane's AltraTELECONTM provides you complete flexibility with two wireless microphones for audio pickup. The same can also be used as a standalone high quality audio teleconferencing system by pairing it on Bluetooth with any cell phone or using a PSTN/IP connection and routing the audio through the wireless speaker.

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