• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Presenting the Near Immersive Group Telepresence meeting experience AltraCollaboratorTM T3000 for your management and leadership team at your nerve centers.

Let everyone see Eye-to-Eye. Get High Definition Video and Stereo Spatial Audio. Read every nuance of the other participants body language. Explain from a whiteboard. Annotate your presentation. Get Real Work done!

How can you create your own customized Near Immersive Group Telepresence system?

  • To have your custom AltraCOLLABORATORTM T3000 choose Business Octane GTADS 355L or 365L or 455L or 465L.
  • Add AltraAudioVCTM 100/6A. Optionally choose AltraCLARITYTM upgrade for AltraAudioVCTM for getting standalone high quality audio teleconferencing.
  • Choose three numbers high definition codec's for use. Business Octane recommends 720p/50fps capability codecs.
  • Optionally upgrade to 1080p/25fps or 1080p/50fps codec's.
  • Choose AltraWorkdriverVCTM required model with one no. AltraContentVCTM CA18.5/A18.5.
  • Choose the additional content monitor type on the table if required. It could be either AltraContentVCTM 18.5 or AltraContentVC™ C18.5.
  • Additionally choose Business Octane's AltraLitingVC™ of required size or optionally choose Telepresence lighting fixtures with or without dimming capability. For dimmable telepresence fixtures add dimming upgrade for AltraWorkdriverVC™.
  • Optionally choose AltraSignageVCTM.
  • Optionally add acoustic back wall, additional acoustic panels and acoustic grid ceiling and carpeting in the room for improving room acoustics.
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  • Why should you choose Business Octane as your most preferred vendor for enterprise wide ultra immersive/Immerisve/Near Immersive video collaboration needs?

  • Why should you choose Business Octane for your video collaboration needs?

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