AltraAudioVC™ - WL

  • Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Advantages of AltraAudioVCTM-WL

  • Flexible microphone placements aid instant positioning in close proximity to the meeting participants and ensure improved audio quality with reduced background noise.
  • Customizable, high performance wireless audio solution for much improved comprehension by both local and distant participants.
  • Liberate your enterprise wide teams with audio related struggles such as hiss, echo and low volume of distant speakers in visual collaboration sessions.
  • Smallest form factor complements the aesthetics of every conference room type.
  • Absence of audio cables ensure less clutter on the table.
  • Enterprise class solution for easy implementation across each and every visual collaboration space across your enterprise.
  • Upgradable to the corresponding model of Business Octane's AltraCLARITYTM-WL, to add in standalone audio teleconferencing capability.


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