• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Room booking & availability status display system

SchedulGARDTM is a local, audio or video meeting Room booking & availability status display system which turns green if the room is available and turns red when booked & gives clear indication that you cannot use the room as it is booked.It also displays the meeting name and meeting host name. The rooms can be booked through the Business Octane's Outlook plugin application AltraSchedulerTM 100/1000 or it can be booked Adhoc from the SchedulGARDTM touch panel itself. For SchedulGARDTM and AltraSCHEDULER™ to work BUSINESS OCTANE'S TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server (1000/2000/3000/4000) is compulsory.

The scheduling is based on the authentication & access permission given by the administrator.

The user can check today's or future bookings from the touch panel. If somebody has booked the room but the same is not being used, anyone else can report it to the administrator from the touch panel to free it. Users can also report the technical problems of the room which are conveyed to the designated technical team for resolution.

Key Specifications

  • Windows based multi touch application
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) required
  • 10.1" touch panel display
  • Wall mount kit

Key Requirements

It compulsarily requires Business Octane's TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server 1000/2000/3000/4000 along with either Business Octane's AltraSchedulerTM 100 for scheduling local meetings or AltraSchedulerTM 1000 for scheduling video/audio teleconferences and local meetings.

Key Functionalities

  • Highly aesthetic design for mounting on any dry wall
  • It requires only one LAN wire connection i.e. Power over Ethernet
  • Displays room availability and remains green when available
  • Turns red while the room is booked and displays host name & meeting name
  • It displays the room name & image
  • User can check all the Scheduld meetings
  • Authentication & permission based access
  • Active directory integration
  • Users can book Adhoc for local meetings
  • Users can report unused bookings
  • Users can report technical problems of the room
  • The time bar shows the meeting progress and time left

Check room booking & availability

Turns red during the tenure of the booking

Turns green when there is no prescheduled booking

Decrease the duration or extend your room booking

Report room technical problem to the administrator if any

Report unused booking if any to administrator

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