AltraExecutiveVC™ - H series

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AltraExecutiveVCTM- H Series

An aesthetic, easy to use and an easy installation integrated Executive Audio and Visual Collaboration System with automatic speaker tracking & zooming, electronic whiteboard, PC less presentation annotation and high quality audio teleconferencing.

  • Automatic speaker tracking and zooming gives your far site locations personal telepresence experience.
  • Built in collaboration bar for electronic whiteboard explanation, PC-less presentation and presentation annotation capability.
  • Built in high quality audio conference over PSTN as well as VOIP capability with a 20 feet radius audio pick up.
  • Built in AltraControlVCTM with PC content sharing capability from the table and 10.4 touch panel based dialing andcontrol system with SimpliUSE™ for audio video teleconferences and even local meetings. Optionally upgrade to Simpli USETM+.
  • It gives a new aesthetic dimension to your video conference rooms with built in provision for mounting cables,camera and concealed cabling.
  • High quality machined Aluminum construction with gradually curving feet provides excellent strength, rigidity & aesthetics.
  • Good eye contact is achieved by placing the camera at an optimal height. The camera height is also adjustable.
  • Very easy to install as no wall modifications and no equipment rack are required. Just one power outlet and network connectivity is all you need.
  • High definition full frame rate video.
  • Available in four variants - HCEU 246 LX, HCEU 250 LX, HCEU 255 LX and HCEU 265 LX. HCEU 246 LX variant has two46" LED displays with tempered glass overlay, HCEU 250 LX variant has two 50" PDS displays, HCEU 255 LX variant has two 55" LED displays with tempered glass overlay and HCEU 265 LX variant has two 65" PDP's displays.

Automatic speaker tracking & zooming

The camera automatically focuses on the current speaker who may be either sitting or standing. When no one is speaking it automatically shows the full room view.

Integrated high quality audio teleconference system

Get high quality audio teleconferencing experience over PSTN and IP with a 20 feet radius audio pick up

Suggested Application Layouts

Get easy Electronic whiteboard explanation, PC less presentation and presentation annotation capability both in visual collaboration as well as local collaboration sessions

Get an Electronic whiteboard functionality with multiple colour pen options using the supplied Electronic pen. Whiteboard markings get sent automatically to the far site the moment user starts writing in a visual collaboration session, giving a never before easy explanation capability. These whiteboard notes can be saved in a user's USB pen drive.

Also, empower users to present without even bringing their PC by converting their content into a JPEG images file and saving that in a USB pen drive. Further content shared using a USB pen drive or using a PC can be annotated upon using the electronic pen. These annotations do not disturb the original content file but saves as new JPEG images. These saved whiteboard notes and annotations can be emailed to all the participants.

All the above capabilities are also available in local meeting sessions too.

Ultra easy dialing and control system – AltraControlVCTM

AltraControlVC™ with Simpli USETM user interface allows very simple & intuitive control for your video teleconferences, local meetings & audio teleconferences. It also allows easy share of PC content with the farsite & local participants.

Business Octane's new revolutionary user interface *Simpli USE TM + incorporates TeleConnectWizardTM for empowering any nontechnology user on demand to connect one or multiple locations over Immersive

Dynamic Telepresence and over continuous presence with multiple Business Octane Collaborators, Video Conference Studios, Desktop Video participants, Apple/Android Tablet participants and multiple audio participants over MPLS, Internet and ISDN. All at the press of a button or by pick, choose and add method using a 10.4" touch panel.

Also available HEU variants without dialing & control system.

Dimensions for AltraExecutiveVCTM- H Series

* Requires TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server 1000, recommended MCU video fire walls, management server and the optional recording server

Note: Equipment shown may not be a part of standard solution and appearance may vary.

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