• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Presenting Near Immersive Dynamic Telepresence experience – AltraCollaborator™ Mini T1000 for your enterprise wide teams.

Empower your CXO's to get and send personal telepresence experience on account of excellent eye contact, perfect seating for visual collaboration for two and excellent lighting that lits up their faces.

How can you create your own customized Mini Near Immersive Dynamic Telepresence Visual Collaboration system?

  • To have your custom AltraCOLLABORATORTM Mini T1000 choose Business Octane Monolithic Dynamic Telepresence Acoustic Display System (MDTADS) 155L or 165L.
  • Choose a high definition codec for use. Business Octane recommends 720p/50fps capability codec. Optionally upgrade to 1080p/25fps or 1080p/50fps codec .
  • Choose AltraWorkdriverVCTM model and one no. AltraContentVCTM CA18.5/A18.5.
  • Optionally choose AltraTELECONTM to add standalone audio teleconferencing capability too.
  • Additionally choose Business Octane's AltraLitingVCTM of required size or optionally choose Telepresence lighting fixtures with or without dimming capability. For dimmable telepresence fixtures add dimming upgrade for AltraWorkdriverVCTM .
  • Optionally choose AltraSignageVCTM .
  • Optionally add acoustic back wall, additional acoustic panels and acoustic grid ceiling and carpeting in the room for improving room acoustics.
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  • Why should you choose Business Octane as your most preferred vendor for enterprise wide ultra immersive/Immerisve/Near Immersive video collaboration needs?

  • Why should you choose Business Octane for your video collaboration needs?

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