• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Key benefits of CableCILLIN™

  • BUsiness Octane's CableCILLIN™ is a high quality, table top mounted connections bus for boardroom and conference rooms. It's attractive enclosure is designed to provide maximum connectivity in the smallest possible footprint with 2 no. universal power sockets for international visitors from any country.
  • All cables required for making presentations are stored in Business Octane's CableCILLIN™ which would ensure that no presentations, LAN or audio cable ever leaves the room and is always available.
  • No more tripping over cables in your conference rooms, as all the calbes are available from the centre of the table. All cables are retractable and can be pulled out only for the length required and the same can be pushed back for a tidy apperance after the meeting is over.
  • CableCILLIN™ fits in aesthetically with your conference room environment. The cover opens and manually retracts into the unit when in use, while all cables and connectors are out of sight when closed.
  • The unit is sturdy, cost effective and easy to install.

Features of CableCILLIN™

  • Two universal power sockets in the smallest foot print ensures good aesthetic and removes the need for power adaptors for international visitors.
  • A set of retractable network, computer and audio cables help you make presentations instantly.
  • Save valuable time for your teams by enabling them to start collaborating without any initial hiccups
  • Aesthetic design that complements your conference room and boardroom environment on account of its smallest footprint
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