• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Local meeting room booking plug-in for Microsoft Outlook®

Microsoft Outlook’s add-in application enables users to book the local meeting room and get it displayed over the touch panel display outside the room (requires SchedulGARDTM).

Key Requirements

  • TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server 1000/2000/3000/4000 (Requires hardware server to be provided by the customer)
  • SchedulGARDTM (Optional)

Key Functionalities

  • Easily book the local meeting room without any possibility of double booking
  • Check availability of every room in the facility at the same time
  • Easily reschedule, modify or cancel the booking
  • Display booking details on the display outside room (requires Business Octane’s
  • SchedulGARDTM for every conference room)
  • Recurring booking can be set easily depending on the availability of the room
  • Send meeting invite/information by email to all the participants
  • Send auto meeting information to support resources, e.g. IT, Admin, etc.
  • Send default meeting details or customize it before sending
  • Attach any agenda file/document in any file format
  • Easily upgrade to AltraSCHEDULERTM 1000 which allows for scheduling of audio/video teleconferences along with scheduling of local meetings

How easily local meetings can be booked

  • Step 1:- Open AltraSCHEDULERTM outlook plug in.
  • Step 2:- Check room availability.
  • Step 3:- Go to local conferences.
  • Step 4:- Follow the on screen options.
  • Step 5:- Click on finish and send invite.

Select support resources such as security, pantry, IT and administration to inform about the meeting

Write your custom message along with the system default message

Set your booking recurring depending on the room availability

View modify your bookings anytime

Once the meeting starts it gets displayed over SchedulGARDTM

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