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Time is money. Save time of your senior executives!

Do you know, your teams waste 10 to 20 minutes organizing and connecting equipment and wires for every presentation? Time is money! All this results in a colossal waste of time and energy of your key people, especially when you consider ten of thousands of meetings held annually across your enterprise.

Similarly, in every presentation some unwanted lights which the presenter does not know how to switch off or cannot be individually switched off decrease the display quality of the presentation which decreases the audience interest and comprehension.

Presenting AltraEZpresenterTM - Time saver and lighting optimizer for every meeting.

Business Octane presents a world class advanced local collaboration solution customized for every meeting room in your enterprise, to help your teams make hassle-free high display quality presentations at the touch of a button. AltraEZpresenterTM is available in two models AltraEZpresenterTM FX and AltraEZpresenterTM LX.

With AltraEZpresenterTM, your meeting rooms are available 24/7, helping you save valuable time in every meeting, leading to significant savings of man hours for your organization.

It also saves energy and increases the life of displays, if left on by users, as the displays automatically switch off in the evening. You can easily also change the lighting sleeve for presenters in meetings from the included wall button panel also.

After the presentation is over, the user just presses the red button on the wall which shuts down the display, rolls up the screen and gets the room lighting back to meeting mode from presentation mode.

AltraEZpresenterTM LX

AltraEZpresenterTM LX would also help your teams to start presenting immediately without any prior equipment set up. All participants can now easily share the desktop at the press of a button on the table or by additionally pressing on the iPad based room control system installed on the wall which is enclosed in Business Octane's AltraDOCKTM-WL to secure it against theft.

Switching between different presenters or shutting down the display or controlling volume can also be easily done from the iPad based room control panel. All other functions are same as the FX variant.

Optionally add audio teleconferencing capability

AltraEZpresenterTM FX variant or LX variant both can also be combined with any Business Octane's Advanced Audio Collaboration Solution, AltraTELECON™, AltraCLARITYTM - WL, AltraCLARITYTM, XtraCLARITYTM or XtraASKTM for additional premium audio teleconferencing experience.

Business Octane's AltraTELECONTM Offers:

  • *PSTN or VoIP audio connectivity
  • Wireless mic, speaker & dialer
  • No cell phone interference due to RF Armor technology
  • Acoustic echo canceller for speaker/microphone
  • 8 hrs. battery life for speaker & mic
  • RJ11/RJ45 connectivity for the base station
  • One line level input, and two line level output

Make your own AltraEZpresenterTM solution for implementation across your enterprise.

How AltraEZpresenterTM saves time in every meeting across your enterprise?

  • Empower your teams with never before experienced simplicity in making presentations and let your presentations shine with 'WOW' display quality on account of perfect lighting during the presentation
  • Save 10-20 minutes for your decision makers in every meeting and drive productivity by starting presentations without any hiccups
  • Get an enterprise class solution for complete uniformity across your organization
  • Have your meeting rooms ready 24/7 without the need to carry any VGA, audio & network cables and power adaptors
  • Make multimedia presentations with great sounding stereo audio and easy volume control
  • Participants can easily switch between the chosen number of different PCs, at the touch of a button without plugging and deplugging. It's as simple as, come to the meeting room, plug in, and start presenting
  • Custom made solutions that ensure highly impactful presentations in all meeting rooms, board rooms, executive rooms and conference rooms
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