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Business Octane's AltraTELECONTM, a leading provider of Enterprise Unied Collaboration & Learning Solution for the enterprise, is designed specically for mid to small conference rooms, executive oces and SoHo environments. Business Octane's AltraTELECON™ is based on a revolutionary Revolabs wireless audio technology that for years has delivered superior sound quality for audio and video conferencing for large conference and board rooms. Small oce conference calls, executive oce communication, and home oce communicationcan now also benefit from that superior wireless audio performance.

No longer designed as a single component

like yesterday's phones, the wireless AltraTELECONTM has redened the traditional design of conference phone and instead, is comprised of several distinct components giving you unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones and dial pad. Microphones and speaker can be placed throughout an oce to optimize sound quality. In an executive oce, the speaker and a microphone can be on a small conference table, while the second microphone is on the executive's desk, allowing natural participation from dierent areas of the room. No more shouting across so that listeners on the other side of the conference call can hear from you!

People on the call will feel as if they are all in the same room, speaking face to face due to the superior wireless technology. This technology allows for superior sound quality in all environments. All of our microphones and speakers support wide band audio (80-11,000 Hz), delivering natural sound audio.

Since the AltraTELECONTM microphones and speaker are wireless and independent of each other, a variety of wireless microphones can be used to match your needs. Whether it is a lapel microphone worn by one person, an omni-directional tabletop microphone to capture the sound of 6-10 participants, or a directional tabletop microphone enabling audio capture from 2-3 people-you have the choice to select the best microphone. Business Octane's AltraTELECONTM system also replaces the need for separate desk and conference phones. The dialer is used to set up a conference call, or works like a telephone for handset calls. Private conversations can be held at the start, middle or end of a conference call.

In addition to phone conferencing, you can use AltraTELECONTM as the audio interface with your video conferencing unit, providing the same high performance and freedom for your video calls. The system is compatible with all major brands of video conferencing systems. For call participants without Internet access, you can 'bridge' their phone calls into your video session at any time.

Bluetooth connectivity is integrated into the AltraTELECONTM so that the AltraTELECONTM can be your sole collaboration device independent of the communication channel you use. The AltraTELECONTM lets you connect the speaker and microphone to your Bluetooth enabled cellphone or computer. The AltraTELECONTM supports a range of channels which simplies your technology needs and reduces costs. These two keys benets make AltraTELECONTM the premier unied communications technology for your conference rooms and executive offices.

With the security of an encrytpted voice signal, no one will be able to listen in on the signal sent between the microphones,the speaker, and the base station. AltraTELECONTM uses digital RF wireless operating in the globally accepted 1.9 GHz ISM band minimizing interference with other technology in your environment. AltraTELECONTM does not steal bandwidth from your WiFi network, and will not interfere with UHF and other radio signals. Cell phone interference is also completely eliminated.

The AltraTELECONTM is available in versions that include VOIP or analog phone interfaces. Setup of the system takes only a few simple steps, getting you up and running quickly!


Superior Audio Quality

Patent-pending technology delivering spoken word clarity

Wireless Freedom for Optimal Sound

No wires required to operate the conference phone; move microphones and speaker where you need them; dial from anywhere in the room


Phone, AUX in/out, Bluetooth


Make private calls using handset

Interface free

No more cell phone buzz or interference

Simple Setup

Up and running quickly

Stylish Design

The telephone becomes the focus, not an eyesore


Valuable Client