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Audio teleconferences play an extremely crucial role for any enterprise to help bridge the barriers of distance. However, the majority of available audio teleconferencing solutions fail to offer clear audio transmission across distances to aid collaboration in the real sense.

The sub-optimal audio clarity makes audio teleconferences highly ineffective and unproductive. Fixed microphones on tables to improve the audio experience for farsite participants may not be possible in a lot of cases where interiors have been finished, without major rework. Hiss, echo and low volume of distant speakers are the common problems that bring down productivity and effectiveness of meetings that are being conducted over audio teleconferences across your enterprise. Also on account of large rooms there may be a need to reinforce the local audio teleconferences which may not be possible without eliminating feedback.

What your enterprise needs is a solution that can help liberate your teams from these struggles. Now empower your enterprise-wide teams with an experience that will dramatically enhance the effectiveness and productivity in all audio teleconferences across your enterprise.

Presenting AltraCLARITYTM -WL Premium wireless audio teleconferencing experience


AtraCLARITY TM -WL provides a premium wireless audio experience in all teleconferences being conducted across your enterprise. High definition wireless microphones do away with the need to drill tables for installation.

Exceptional audio clarity and wideband audio with ease of usage will help your teams experience enhanced collaboration. The primary speaker/presenter can also have his/her speech locally reinforced also, even while moving in the room.

The Advanced Audio Collaboration Solution is available in AtraCLARITYTM -WL 50. It is available in sizes 50/4, 50/6, 50/8, 50/10, 50/12 and 50/14 for rooms with seating capacity of up to 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28 respectively. All the sizes for the solution are available in FX and EX variants. The FX variants are designed to be used as stand-alone systems. The EX variant is for simultaneous use with any Business Octane solutions in FX, LX and VX variants.

*Reverberation time should not exceed 0.5 seconds

How AltraCLARITYTM -WL will redefine the audio teleconferencing experience across your enterprise?

  • Flexible microphone placements aid instant positioning in close proximity to the meeting participants and ensure improved audio quality with reduced background noise.
  • Customizable, high-performance wireless audio solution for much improved comprehension by both local and distant participants.
  • Liberate your enterprise-wide teams with audio related struggles such as hiss, echo and low volume of distant speakers.
  • Smallest form factor complements the aesthetics of every conference room type.
  • Absence of audio cables ensure cable-clutter free teleconference Enterprise-Class solution for easy implementation across each and every teleconferencing space across your enterprise

How easy it to use?

Dialing a call still remains as simple as dialing from an ordinary phone.

  • Remove the microphones from their docking and charging station and position them around the seating participants in such a way that they do not get obstructed by their laptops / writing pads. One microphone serves two participants. There is an additional one necklace/pocket microphone for one speaker/presenter.
  • Dial from the star phone number pad or dial from the star phone address book.
  • After the meeting is over place the microphones on the charging station. It is as simple as that.

How will AltraCLARITYTM -WL accelerate collaboration across your enterprise?

1. Identify all conference rooms which are meant for audio teleconferences as well as video meetings, which meet the desired acoustic parameters.

2. Place an order for AltraCLARITYTM -WL, customized for each chosen meeting room across your enterprise depending upon the specific requirements.

After having identified the meeting rooms and a customized AltraCLARITYTM -WL solution for each of the chosen meeting rooms, Business Octane will work closely with your architectural team / architects / interior contractor to provide expert advice for the required modifications in interiors.

Experience dramatically improved collaboration across your enterprise.

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