• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

XtraASKTM, an Advanced Audio Collaboration Solution, offers local speech reinforcement in all your large conference rooms to drive comprehension. The solution ensures same speech reinforcement experience experience in your audio and/or video teleconference calls without impacting the far site participants audio experience. Excellent audio clarity, wideband audio conference capability, uniform spread of far site audio as well as speech reinforcement help your teams to accomplish more.


In the EX variant, two primary speakers/presenters can also have their speech locally reinforced also, even while moving in the room.

XtraASKTM is available in model: 25 and 50 in AX & EX variants. XtraASKTM 25 is suitable for only speech reinforcement in local meetings. However to get Local speech reinforcement, in video teleconferences equip your meeting rooms with a combination of XtraASKTM 25 AX/EX and AltraCLARITY™ 100 AX/EX

XtraASKTM 50 is additionally suitable for audio teleconferences, especially, for high ambient noise level conference rooms where AltraCLARITY™ can't be used. The solution is also ideal for audio in video teleconferences in similar rooms with high ambient noise levels.

XtraASKTM 25/50 available in sizes 25/6,25/8,25/10 ,25/12 and 25/14 suitable for meeting rooms having seating capacities up to 12,16,20 ,24 and 28 in both AX & EX variant respectively. Similarly XtraASKTM 50 is available in sizes 50/6,50/8,50/10 ,50/12 and 50/14 with corresponding seating capacities in AX and EX variants. XtraASKTM 25 can be upgraded to XtraASKTM 50 anytime.

XtraASKTM - Unique Benefits

  • Customizable audio teleconferencing solution with the finest local speech reinforcement experience to drive comprehension.
  • Get excellent local speech reinforcement without compromising the audio experience in video meetings and/or audio teleconferences and /or local meetings.
  • Conduct immersive meetings on account of higher interaction and participation by meeting participants in all your large conference rooms.
  • An enterprise class solution for implementation in every large conference room across your enterprise, as per specific requirements.

How easy it is to use?

Simplicity Exemplified!

  • Whosoever wants to speak just press a button to have his/her speech reinforced
  • Two moving speakers/presenters can wear necklace/pocket wireless microphones for speech reinforcement on the move in EX variant.
  • Dial from the star phone pad or dial from the star phone address book for XtraASKTM 50

How will XtraASKTM accelerate collaboration across your enterprise?

  • Identify all large conference rooms across your enterprise
  • Place an order for XtraASKTM, customized for each chosen meeting room across your enterprise depending upon the specific requirements.

After having identified the meeting rooms and a customized XtraASKTM solution for each of the chosen meeting rooms, Business Octane will work closely with your architectural teams/ architects/ interior contractor to provide expert advice for the required modifications in interiors if any.

Experience dramatically improved collaboration even in your large meetings and conference now!

  • What are the biggest challenges that enterprise faces that decrease the effectiveness of their audio collaboration?

  • What are the most fundamental problems faced in scheduling local meeting and audio/video teleconferences which we will address to give you more effective collaboration experience?

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