How have our solutions helped Vedanta?

VEDANTA unleashes Business Octane's Telepresence Technology

Case Study Highlights:

  • Telepresence helped Sr Management reduce their travelling thus giving them more time
  • Telepresence helped reduce huge travel costs to zero
  • Positive effect on the company's carbon footprint

About VEDANTA Group

Vedanta Group is globally diversified natural resource group committed to sustainable development and growth in the areas they operate. Companies under the flagship group are Hindustan Zinc Limited, BALSO, Sterlite Industries, Sesa Goa, Black Mountain Zinc International, KCM, MALCO. Primary assets and operations are located in high growth markets of India, Zambia, Namibia, Ireland, South Africa and Australia. Vedanta is primarily engaged in copper, zinc, aluminium, iron ore & power business with the turnover of above US$ 70 billion.

Situation Analysis

But size comes with a price. Vedanta's top executives will tell that like any large company, keeping the $ 70 billion (about Rs 350,000 crore) ship on track is hard work.  To ensure that it's over 32,000 employees and offices in four continents push in the same direction, Vedanta organizes monthly review meetings, both at the group and the plant level. It's a complex, and time-consuming operation, but the face-to-face time was crucial. 

Perhaps more obviously, it was an expensive way to do business most importantly their "Sr. Management was putting a lot of time in traveling and incurring huge expenses".

It was obvious that the ability to conference virtually could save the company buckets of money, many hours of its top executives' time, and quicken decision making. But for such a solution to work, the experience it offered had to match the expectations of Vedanta's sophisticated globe-trotting managers; the technology couldn't come in the way, in fact it couldn't get noticed at all. That ruled out video conferencing, in fact, it ruled out every type of collaboration solution except, Immersive Group Telepresence. 

As a general phenomenontheir management also thought that not only did telepresence have a bad rep for being very expensive but it also required a ton of bandwidth. 

The way the company ran its monthly review meetings wasn't as efficient as it was required to be.  Each meeting called for the presence of 150 of Vedanta's executives positioned around the globe. Almost all of them had to fly to one location, and put up in hotels for the duration of the meeting.

Unwilling to live with the status quo but reluctant to jump into an expensive telepresence solution immediately, Vedanta's team first started toying with the idea of conducting meetings using video conferencing. As per themthey juggled to find amicable solution as all these solutions, suffered from some deficiency or the other-and that wouldn't cut it with Vedanta's top management. The only option left was telepresence, so the IT team of Vedanta attended several presentations from different vendors, and visited Business Octane, Polycom and CISCO Tandberg sites, making notes each time in order to pick a solution which came close to Vedanta's requirements. "I was looking for a telepresence solution which could ape the in-person experience as much as possible," says VP IT HZL.


The other challenge they faced was finding the right design for the company's telepresence rooms. Telepresence room configurations typically fall into a few—fixed—categories. Some are built for four to eight participants only, but for the most part, vendors offer cookie cutter designs and refuse to build customized rooms.

They did not want to be limited by that approach. He didn't want the rooms to be too big—and pay unnecessarily—or to be too small. They had to be designed to the needs of Vedanta. "With so many group companies and multi-party conferencing which involves connecting 10-12 participants simultaneously, they did not want to compromise on the size of the boardrooms or the quality of telepresence." And they made their decision to partner with Business Octane. 

Additionally, they wanted to Business Octane's solution so that interoperability was possible between a telepresence user and someone using video conferencing. Today, choosing the right solution and partnering with Business Octane has paid off. "The solution lets participants connect to any VC machine inside a mining plant office or anywhere else in the world". It also enables employees at Vedanta to conduct meetings with outside vendors, customers and consultants even if they are not equipped with a telepresence facility.

No Breaking the Bank

The other challenge was management thought process.  "It's a well-known fact that the initial cost of investing in a telepresence solution is very high, keeping in mind the cost of the purpose-built rooms and network connectivity.  Vedanta decided to implement the project in phases. "In the first phase, they included only five locations HZL Udaipur, Vedanta House Mumbai, Sterlite Tuticorin, Sterlite Jharsuguda & Sesa Goa. On successful implementation of phase-I and looking at its overwhelming results, they went ahead with other phases".

Today, Vedanta has 19 telepresence rooms across India, one in London, one in Zambia and another one in South Africa their Chairman has these Telepresence Rooms at his residence at Mumbai, London as well as New York also. The smallest telepresence room Business Octane's Collaborator HYPERMAX at Vedanta can accommodate six people and the largest one can accommodate 25. Along with Telepresence solution they clubbed Business Octane's AltraMobilizerVC at Liberia West Africa, Johannesburg & Tasmania Australia.

The telepresence solution is so popular at Vedanta, as per their IT management team, that it's tough to book the rooms, he says.

The facility is being used for training and collaborating with vendors and customers. Employees can now sit for meetings within the office—ensuring that they are available if their presence is required in an emergency.


Solution Highlights:

Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration Group Telepresence experience between Udaipur, Mumbai, Tuticorin, Goa, Jharsuguda, Korba, New Delhi, Lanjigarh, Chittorgarh, Bhatinda, Dariba, Agucha, Chanderia, London, New York, London II, South Africa, Zambia & Dhanraj Mahal, making collaboration more easier and productive by Letting Vedanta's Senior Management members to see Eye-to-Eye, See Far side Participants Life-like Real Size, Get High Definition Video and Stereo Spatial Audio, empowering participants to read every nuance of the other participants body language, Explain from a whiteboard. Annotate your presentation in a way which was never possible before.

All this coming with an amazing simplicity to use through Business Octane's new revolutionary user interface *SimpliUSE™+++ incorporates TeleConnectWizard™ in the Touch panel in the Room, for empowering any non-technology user on demand to connect one or multiple locations over multiple Business Octane Collaborators, Video Conference Studios, Desktop Video Participants, Apple/Android Tablet participants and multiple audio participants over MPLS, Internet and ISDN. All at the press of the favorite button or by pick, choose and add method using a 10.4 touch panel. Even though in different time zones also.

Along with a high capacity scalable Multi-Conferencing Bridging Facility along with a Video Firewall& Recording facility.. Entire solution comes with Business Octane'sAltraAcousticInteriors, the acoustically treated walls gives apart from providing the same room feeling, also improves the quality of audio in telepresence meetings and audio teleconferences along with Motorized Table top content displays, for empowering all participants to see content crystal clear.

At all the locations Vedanta just provided with a bare shell with identification of the room as per the size required by BOSPL design, The Entire Project was completed by Business Octane's Interior Design and Quality Professional Services to ensure the highest quality.

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  • How have our solutions helped Vedanta?

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