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About TVS Motors

TVS Motors is among the Top 4 in the Indian two-wheeler market with annual revenue of about Rs. 1750 Crore and has been at the forefront in bringing a revolution in the way personal commutation was happening, way back in the 1980s. Beginning with launching a simple, easy-to-use moped for the middle class in India in the 1980s to launching 7 new bikes in a single day (first time in the history of the automotive industry in the world), TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad have signed a long-term cooperation agreement. The aim of the cooperation is to join forces to develop and produce a new series of motorcycles that will cater to the segment below 500 cubic centimeters.

Nerve Centers of TVS Motors

Corporate Office of TVS is located at Chennai where MD and Directors are seated.

The second most important location of TVS Motors is Hosur where President and other leadership teams are based. It has manufacturing facilities at Hosur, Mysore and Solan district (in Himachal Pradesh).

Regional Sales Offices are located at Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkotta.

TVS Motors has a state-of-the-art R&D center at Hosur and has been in the forefront of various innovations.

Situational Analysis

The two most important offices in TVS Motors where bulk of the senior management and Leadership teams are located and where bulk of the travelling happens are Chennai and Hosur.

They have been using High Definition Video Conferencing at all locations namely Chennai, Hosur, Mysore, Solan, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkotta for the last 3 years. Prior to that, they had been using standard definition Video Conferencing for 5 years.

But their senior management have been enduring the following pain points even after implementing High definition Video Conferencing in their Enterprise:

Low Immersiveness of Visual Collaboration

Immersiveness is defined as how close the experience of video collaboration is to the experience of meeting face to face?

  • In a two-location meeting, distant participants appear smaller than one tenth of their actual size ;this makes you feel as if your team members are thousand of miles away
  • In multi-location meeting, members of your teams appear further smaller making them appear as talking stamp size heads.
  • Poor Audio quality and lack of stereo spatial audio leaves end users identify far site speakers with their hand and lip movements only
  • There is lack of eye contact which makes you unconsciously uncomfortable and makes you feel as if the far site participants are not talking to you.
  • Apart from seeing and talking to the distant participants, no serious work can be accomplished on account of multiple challenges in sharing their desktops, explaining from a whiteboard or from documents which is very much easy in face to face meetings in face to face meetings !
  • Also shared content is not readable for all the participants on account of room layout and small content display monitors.
  • Smudgy video quality in point to point calls which further gets worsens in multi-point video calls in spite of using larger bandwidth.
  • Poor image quality of participants on account of poor lighting in the room.

On account of this the highest immersiveness that you can get in standard video collaboration solutions is 5 to 20%

Extreme low ease of usage

How easy it is to use without getting IT and admin support?

  • Users are unable to join a meeting without IT assistance . It appears to them as difficult as rocket science.
  • Very difficult for end users can connect to anyone or multiple locations on demand
  • Very difficult to get everyone on the same page. Scheduling and Connecting multiple locations across the organization together in a single call over multiple networks involving some participants on audio requires days of planning and organizing

Solution Description

TVS Motors evaluated Business Octane, Cisco and Polycom and saw the demo of the Group Telepresence offerings by three players and compared the features and commercials and finally selected Business Octane as it offered far more functionality and amazing ease of use.

Business Octane implemented Telepresence at two Locations in Corporate Office Chennai and Factory Location at Hosur. At Chennai TVS Motors opted for a 6 seater Telepresence and at Hosur they opted for a two tier 13 seater to accommodate more participants.

Thus they have combined two most offices (Chennai Corporate Office and Hosur Factory) in to one practically as far as collaboration is concerned.

The common call patterns happening are Multi-location Video Collaboration for the following different locations:

    From Corporate Office to all Factories
  • From Hosur President's Office to all factories
  • From Corporate Office to all Regional Offices
  • From Hosur President's Office to all Regional Offices
  • From Corporate Office to all Factories
  • All hands Town hall
  • Call Partners & Suppliers outside TVS Motors network
  • Various combinations of the above

Solution Highlights

Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration Group Telepresence experience between Chennai and Hosur, making collaboration more easier and productive by Letting TVS Motors Senior Management members to see Eye-to-Eye, See Far side Participants Life-like Real Size, Get High Definition Video and Stereo Spatial Audio, empowering participants to read every nuance of the other participants body language, Explain from a whiteboard. Annotate your presentation in a way which was never possible before.

Get Real Work done! Unprecedented engagement happens among all local and distant participants nu mbering from 6 at Chennai to 13 at Hosur.

This has become an all in one solution that empowers TVS Motors key management to connect multiple locations on demand, see them 4 times bigger, by connecting either from Chennai or from Hosur to any or all the ordinary Video Conferencing endpoints already present at Factory and Reagional Office Locations.

All this coming with an amazing simplicity to use through Business Octane's new revolutionary user interface *SimpliUSE™+++ incorporates TeleConnectWizard™ in the Touch panel in the Room, for empowering any TVS Motor non-technology user on demand to connect one or multiple locations over multiple Business Octane Collaborators, Video Conference Studios, Desktop Video Participants, Apple/Android Tablet participants and multiple audio participants over MPLS, Internet and ISDN. All at the press of the favorite button or by pick, choose and add method using a 10.4 touch panel.

Comes with a high capacity scalable Multi-Conferencing Bridging Facility along with a Video Firewall.

High quality ceiling microphones and digital signal processor based stereo spatial audio system provides exceptional sound clarity with high left and right audio separation to help instantaneously locate the current speaker through Business Octane AltraAudioVC.

Comes with Business Octane's AltraTableVC table design aids the cause of better collaboration with higher aesthetics, that conceals all content displays, electronics and cables.

Comes with Business Octane's AltraLitingVC™ makes an ideal ambience for the different applications, with the lighting designed especially for removing under the eye shadows during Telepresence video meetings.

Comes with Business Octane's Aesthetic Acoustic Paneling, the acoustically treated walls gives apart from providing the same room feeling, also improves the quality of audio in telepresence meetings and audio teleconferences.

Come with Motorized Table top content displays, for empowering all participants to see content crystal clear.

The Entire Project was completed under Business Octane Interior Design and Quality Supervision Professional Services to ensure even minute parameters specified by Business Octane were provided by the client interior contractor to ensure the highest quality.

The Future Roadmap fpr TVS Motors

Plan to roll out more such Telepresence Rooms at least to 3 more locations in the Enterprise and Enjoy Business Octane Proprietary TeleALLpresence collaboration so as to see all the participants at all locations at all times divided on the left and right monitors along with any 2/5 participants from the speaking location in Telepresence view in the center monitor (center stage).

Plan to Roll out Desktop Video Conferencing to Middle and Senior management to dramatically increase the Enterprise Productivity.

Increase more Group Video Endpoints across the Enterprise.

Scale up the Bridge as and when the endpoints are populated.

Ability to record and stream Video Conferences.

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