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About Dalmia Bharat Group

Dalmia Bharat Group, is India's one of the large Business Conglomerates, is headquartered in New Delhi with various Businesses across cement, sugar, travel agency, magnesite, refractory and electronic operations spread across the country.

Dalmia has various manufacturing plants for multiple Businesses in locations such as Trichy, Kadapa, Ariyalur for Cement Businesses, Ramgarh, Jawaharpur, & Nigohi for Sugar Business , strong footprints with regional offices in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu , Kerala, & Karnataka, Corporate offices for Businesses Like Cement, Sugar, Power Etc other than main head office in Delhi

Solution Description

Dalmia evaluated Business Octane, Cisco and Polycom and saw the demo of the Group Telepresence offerings by all three players and compared the features and commercials and finally selected Business Octane as it offered far more functionality, amazing ease of usage, unparallel flexibility of deploying and using the Telepresence system & highest value for money Business Octane implemented Group Telepresence at Corporate office in Delhi, Cement Head office in Chennai and Rajganpur empowering Immersive Visual Collaboration Group Telepresence experience helping get Real Work done!

The Group Telepresence system in Delhi and Chennai is implemented with minimalistic changes to the interiors of the room whereas the Telepresence room in Rajaganpur is implemented with completed interiors.

The main Endeavour is to provide the senior management with unprecedented experience of meeting face to face without travelling and making 2 most important offices into one. Also this Telepresence room at Head office would act as a Quadruplicator for multi-location Business review meetings for senior management which would give them highest experience of meeting various businesses more frequently and more effectively than ever before without travelling.

They also implemented Business octane AltraMobilizerVC in 11 locations which is an easy facility movable aesthetic visual collaboration system with perfect eye contact, wireless audio, electronic whiteboard and PC less presentation annotation.

Along with this , Core collaboration infrastructure (which includes MCU, Recording server & Teleconnect Wizard and integration of MCU with LYNC ) is provided to unify communication across Dalmia group companies which is instrumental in achieving & foster better, effective and faster collaboration across its key offices.

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