How Business Octane’s Ultra Immerisve video collaboration experience is dramatically superior to that of competition?

Business Octane's group telepresence suite CollaboratorHYPERMAX™ can help dramatically accelerate the enterprise-wide decision making helping you conduct  more effective  reviews & executing the decisions faster. Also how Business Octane's Telepresence offering is much superior to any other offerings in this industry.

These solutions have been developed, after years of extensive research and development, with never experienced before capabilities and functionalities that would" revolutionize "and "redefine" the collaboration across enterprises. The 11key differentiators of Business Octane Telepresence solutions and how they are so different from competition are as follows.

  • Business Octane CollaboratorHYPERMAX is the only multifunction telepresence room from where you can conduct high quality senior management local meetings as well as audio teleconferences also. This allows your meeting to begin as local meeting which gets converted to telepresence meeting or vice versa or as telepresence meetings in which you add additional participants on audio or various other permutation and combinations of all these three ways of meeting together.
    It is not possible for Both Polycom OTX and Cisco telepresence solutions on account of the shape of their table not allowing people to sit on both side of table and also not having a display in the room which can act as a local meeting display.
  • Apart from the basic necessity of seeing the far participants in true life size mode during a 2 location video meeting, During the Multi location Telepresence Only Business Octane solution on account of its patent pending technology "Dynamic TeleAllpresence" allows Multi location Telepresence experience among all connected locations in such a way that all participants at all locations always see the speaker in life size mode in the centre display along with seeing all other participants from all the other locations at all times retaining full telepresence experience in 3 to 33 locations Telepresence meetings also.
    Pl See the above picture: The Active Speakers are Real Life Size while all other participants are also visible at the same time.

    It is not possible to have this experience in Cisco telepresence solutions as the participants at all locations see the complete speaking location with the speaker only and at that instant are in dark about what is happening at the other 4 locations. So essentially the telepresence experience is limited to only 2 locations.

    In case of Polycom OTX solution all the participants at any location are able to see all other at all times in continuous presence which can be defined as enhanced video conferencing experience but loose the complete functionality of telepresence as the speaker in a six location call would appear just 1/24 of his normal size . It also has significantly poor eye contact in a multilocation meeting on account of speaker not coming to the centre screen. This limits the telepresence experience to just 2 locations in a call only.
  • For the first time Business Octane brings in the Collaborative capability in all its telepresence offerings so as actually be able to work with the distance participants in absolutely the same way as if the participants are sitting across the table in the same room. Be it Amazing Annotation, whiteboard explanation and PC Less presentation. Give the unprecedented power to explain trough a white board, annotate over any presentation, excel sheet etc. and for the first time save the same for future reference or circulation by email. It is extremely very simple courtesy Business Octane's "Mi Own Control TM and SimpliUSETM.  Lack of these fundamental requirements defeats the basic purpose of telepresence implementation.

White board can be shared in Local as well as Telepresence calls. Anything written on the white Board can be saved in JPEG format as well for future Reference in a pen drive

Similarly Presentation can be saved and shared. Annotation on the presentation is also possible and a NEW copy of the same can be saved without spoiling the original.

No Telepresence solution from Polycom or Cisco offers such inbuilt standard capability. Also the use of external smartboard for presentation annotation and whiteboard explanation is just not practical as it requires a dedicated PC with smart board software in the room in which first the users have to come and upload their presentations and then start the projector making it very cumbersome to use which means no senior decision maker would use it and that is why it is not a standard component for any telepresence solution. Another question is where would this PC be kept? Would it always be there on table or in the rack? How would you load Presentations if PC is in the rack? Who would ensure the confidential discussions and the presentations in the PC are removed after the meeting is over?

Business Octane CollaboratorHYPERMAX uses Polycom's H.264 High Profile Codec's which consume approximately 50% of the bandwidth thus enabling Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

CISCO Codec's require 2 times the bandwidth as compared to Business Octane. For your current requirement approximate 25-28 lacs per year OR 1.25-1.4 crores for 5 years EXTRA would be required for Only higher bandwidth requirement. The Total TCO in case of CISCO would thus be much higher as compared to Business Octane.

Business Octane's new revolutionary user interface SimpliUSE+++™ incorporates TeleConnectWizard™ for providing unprecedented capability to senior management users on demand to connect multiple locations or just one another location by pressing their favourite meeting button. After that they can further add new locations or drop joined locations all by themselves very easily. They can also initiate. Pause or stop recording of the entire meeting without the presence of any support personnel present for the sake of confidentiality. The multiple meeting participants do not have to be just telepresence rooms but can be ordinary VC rooms, Desktop Video Participants, Apple/Android Tablet participants and multiple audio participants giving them an unprecedented amazing ease of use.

For Cisco telepresence rooms the multi location meetings have to be always administrator assisted making them requiring lot of prior preparation before every meeting. Also for adding , dropping or for starting recording or pausing or stopping recording a continuous communication over telephone has to be established with the administrator which will also cost more and also decrease the security of meetings. This decreases the ROI on your investment.

For Polycom OTX the multiple location meetings can be set up from in room control panel but in a very tedious manner. First connect two locations. Then add one .Then add another. Then add another. Then add another. To do all this you also have to press lot of menu buttons and have to wait for rooms to come live. There is no one touch favourite button to launch multiple location calls. Also there is no capability for in room recording by end user.

It is very important for all participants to be able to read the content being shared in the meeting crystal clear without hiding the hand body language of the participants as the fundamental benefit of telepresence i.e. able to read the body language of others will get destroyed in the absence of the same . Business Octane's CollaboratorHYPERMAX™ shows crystal clear content without hiding hand gestures to all the front row and second row participants with the help of unique 17" motorized embedded in the table content displays which extend out of the table by just 7cm and are absolutely no obstruction at all.

For Cisco telepresence systems the 6 people on the front row and 12 behind are supposed to read the content from 46" monitors above/below the telepresence displays. Though they pose no obstruction in the body language but they are grossly insufficient from the purpose of the viewability even for the front row participants and thus would be of no use when you have to discuss using excel sheets in your executive committee meetings fundamentally defeating the purpose of telepresence.( The barest minimum size required for reading the content for the first row would be 65" diagonal LEDs. For the second row two 55 " LEDs are required which are hung after the first row participants from the ceiling).

In case of Polycom OTX reading content for the 6 participants is good but the very big problem is that on account of motorized 22 inch displays which completely extend out of the table they act as virtual large barriers and hideaway the complete hands visibility for the far site participants reducing the telepresence experience fundamentally.

Business Octane's CollaboratorHYPERMAX™ also provides an excellent genuine stereo spatial (directional) audio experience which is refined using a 12 channel audio digital signal processor irrespective of the fact whether the local participants are talking to distant participants or they are talking among themselves.

In case of Cisco telepresence solutions the stereo effect is only a faux simulated effect on account of audio being carried out by three different microphones which go into three different codecs. When the local participants talk among themselves this faux effect is destroyed.Also no digital signal processor is used.

Polycom OTX also uses no audio digital signal processor and on account of that the audio is not refined as the one from CollaboratorHYPERMAX.

Business Octane's CollaboratorHYPERMAX™ also provides Business Octane's AltraLitingVC™ which gives you the only TV studio quality lighting in telepresence rooms on account of separate FILL lighting and separate SUBJECT LIGHTING at 45 degrees for telepresence meetings without causing any glare. Be it Immersive Telepresence Video meetings or Local meetings, Business Octane's AltraLitingVC™ makes an ideal lighting ambience for every occasion. The lighting is designed especially for removing under the eye shadows during Telepresence video meetings.

In case of Cisco subject lighting has glare and there is no fill lighting giving suboptimal lighting.

In case of Polycom OTX even with the additional Lighting package though there is no glare but lighting is still suboptimal on account of no fill lighting provided.

All Business Octane's  CollaboratorHYPERMAX™have also got the capability of Dynamic twin telepresence which would allow your group telepresence systems to talk to any single codec telepresence room or any  ordinary videoconferencing room or a tablet participant in the most optimal manner  . This is absolutely critical as you would need to use the same room for connecting to your customers, partners and suppliers who do not have these telepresence facilities.

For Cisco telepresence solutions in such a scenario just 2 participants are visible to the far location as there is no end user control for zooming out on all six/ eighteen participants or to zoom in on any speaker.

In case of Polycom OTX either centres two or centre 4 participants can be shown. There is again no end user zooming control for the speaker.

Business Octane Uses the top of the line hardware components in the complete solution. For displays we use ultra latest and world's best 65" Samsung ME65 LED displays which are just 30 mm thick and have a combined bezel of just 40 mm when two displays are placed side by side . We also use top of the line home theatre quality aimable speakers. Also the Business Octane Telepresence display assembly is made in western Europe for top of the line aesthetics and strength and is easily facility movable.

For both Cisco and Polycom the displays are very old models and both have a combined bezel of 120 mm which is 3 times bigger . Both Polycom and Cisco use non aimable speakers.

Business Octane's CollaboratorHYPERMAX™ has optional AltraInteriorsVC™ engineered interiors to upgrade your telepresence experience from Immersive to Ultra Immersive Telepresence experience which has been developed after 5 years of research and development. The acoustically treated ceilings and walls along with high quality carpeting improves the quality of audio in your telepresence meetings and audio teleconferences. It also provides the highest efficacy of Business Octane AltraLitingVC™ for getting Ultra Immersive Telepresence experience. With all room electrical and networking included in AltraInteriorsVC™ interiors, get complete peace of mind for your order execution. It also gives your telepresence rooms a look and feel of a full-fledged board room as aesthetics of the overall solution are of paramount importance.

No such standard interiors treatment product is available from either Cisco and Polycom for their OTX products (Though it is available for Polycom RPX solution and is very expensive)

Business Octane's CollaboratorHYPERMAX™ also provides the most optimal seating and most optimal display to the distant participants for 15 participants in telepresence mode with the rear row raised for high visibility of the rear row. Also the rear row participants appear approx 70% of their size.

For Cisco no rear row raising is provided and also rear row has 12 participants which makes them look just 40% of the first row.

For Polycom OTX no rear row standard system is provided.

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