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Massive shortage of senior faculty members in all the prestigious higher educational institutes be they pertain to engineering or medical or management or law or arts or biotechnology is currently the biggest stumbling block to take education standards to the next level and maintain the same which consequently directly impacts the quantum and quality of student enrolment. This shortage of senior faculty members is not going to improve but is going to become further worse in future times in our country.

Also there is a huge potential for higher education for working professionals which no higher educational institute has been able to tap on a large scale on account of technology limitations in the learning experience of learning from home.

1. There are too many students but insufficient no of senior faculty members. So to fill up the deficit, junior faculty members are recoursed to. We have tried using video conferencing to educate multiple location students simultaneously by a single senior faculty member but that is also not a option we can use on account of it being highly ineffective. How to overcome this?

2. We cannot increase the enrolment of working students as they find it as a big challenge to regularly come to our campus for higher education. We have tried various e class software and methods even involving satellite transmissions but on account of students not receiving full classroom experience and the faculty members not fully able to monitor them like local class students,our student enrolment in such programmes is either stagnant or falling down.

3. Students are not able to take home 100% of what they were taught in the class. So there is an important need for empowering the students to revise the education content on their own on demand. That is why all the top education institutes in the world are now recording and archiving their senior faculty lectures which can be accessed by the allowed students on demand. We have tried doing recording of our lectures but there are multiple challenges like not able to record faculty’ content along with video of the faculty member in a synchronous manner , recording requires a full time operator, not able to record students asking questions, lot of expensive and time consuming post production etc. So how to record synchronized lectures that do not require any operator, do not require much post production and can be easily made available to our allowed students?

How can Business Octane help the Head of any Educational Institute?

Business Octane can help by empowering your organization with unprecedented new paradigms of immersive video collaborative teaching and learning which can help you get over the big problem of shortage of senior faculty members in your family of very prestigious educational institutes spread across multiple locations (or even just one location) and further for the first time give the unprecedented complete classroom learning experience to 48 students per class who join the class from their home while being fully visible to the teacher throughout.

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