Company Overview

Business Octane has brought out multiple technological innovations which are all set to take the world by storm, in the domains of Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning solutions. These solutions have changed the face of communication within organizations. These solutions have enabled them to keep the entire organization galvanized, take decisions faster yet with reduced risk and invest more of their time (which is absolutely priceless) in work than travel to be able to make a bigger difference to the business. This leads to faster employee realignment with new management strategies, faster execution, faster speed to market and faster pace of learning with significant reduction in costs.

Raising the bar for the world to follow

Our extensive industry expertise, our in-depth empathetic knowledge of enterprises' everyday collaboration and learning pain points, our unmatched expertise in meeting and learning spaces design and our customer-centric innovations in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration and Collaborative Learning have redefined and re-set the world standard in terms of functionality, aesthetics, simplicity and value-for-money.

We have helped our customer's provide a high performance collaborative workplace for their employees and also provide " engineered for high performance ,engineered for high standardization and engineered for amazing ease of use " audio teleconferencing and AV presentation solutions for executive cabins, board rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, cafeterias and auditoriums.


To become the world's most preferred Enterprise Productivity Enhancing Solution Provider in the realms of Collaboration and Learning, helping enterprises become more innovative, efficient, and competitive so that they can grow faster and become more profitable.


Every day, we at Business Octane are motivated and inspired by the difference we can make to our client's enterprise. We aim to do this by:

  • Improving collaboration across the client's enterprise so as to empower their teams to take faster decisions, conduct effective reviews and galvanize each employee to realize organization's vision
  • Helping the client's enterprise ensure that, people, their biggest asset, learn much more from training and the results show in their performance, henceforth.


As an organization and as individuals, we value:

  • Professional excellence, honesty & integrity, openness, Continuous improvement, & Mutual success
  • We are committed to our customers and pride ourselves in making a valuable difference to our client's business
  • We hold ourselves accountable to our customers by upholding our commitments, building long-term partnerships, providing the best value-for-money, and striving for the highest quality
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