5 Years of Innovation

Business Octane is India's only and one of the few world super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning with one of its kind solutions originating from our in house research and development over the last 5 years.

We have pioneered a whole set of new paradigms of business interactions over video which are not only 2 to 10 times more effective than ordinary video teleconferences for replicating the experience of face to face group reviews but are also amazingly easy to use, highly aesthetic, completely flexible, upgradable and scalable for complete investment protection.

These new paradigms can empower for the first time our customers senior executives to review, strategize and guide not just one another but all their office locations at the same time with utmost ease and without any loss of effectiveness. This enables them to keep the entire organization galvanized, take decisions faster yet with reduced risk and invest more of their time ( which is absolutely priceless )in work than travel to be able to make a bigger difference to the business. This leads to faster employee realignment with new management strategies, faster execution, faster speed to market and faster pace of learning with significant reduction in costs.

Additionally, to help our customer's provide a high performance collaborative workplace for their employees we also provide " engineered for high performance, engineered for high standardization and engineered for amazing ease of use " audio teleconferencing and AV presentation solutions for executive cabins, board rooms , meeting rooms ,conference rooms , training rooms ,cafeterias and auditoriums.

Further to help our customers reap the benefits as early as possible we also provide special services such as long term managed rentals , facility rentals , event rentals , genuine value replacement offers and pay as you use services for some selected offerings.

To provide our customers complete peace of mind we provide direct India wide Pre-sales and Post-sales Support from above eight locations from our own dedicated teams whose technical expertise is unmatched in the industry and who have been trained to please.

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