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Business Octane’s CableCILLINTM is a high quality, table-top mounted connections’ bus, available in three variants & 2 colors , Silver & Black for Boardrooms, meeting rooms , Huddles spaces & Conference room’s tables. Its attractive enclosure is designed to provide maximum connectivity  in the smallest possible footprint with 2 nos. universal power sockets, each with USB power and 6 Grommets which would ensure that there  would be no last-minute search of power sockets/adaptors/Cables for any user.

All cables required for making presentations are stored in Business Octane’s CableCILLINTM which would ensure that no VGA or HDMI, LAN or USB cable ever leaves the room & is always available.

No more tripping over cables in your conference rooms, as all the cables are available from the center of the table. All cables are retractable and can be pulled out only for the length required & the same can be pushed back for a tidy appearance after the meeting is over.

CableCILLINTM fits in aesthetically with your conference room environment. The cover opens & manually retracts into the unit when in use, while all cables & connectors are out of sight when closed. The CableCILLINTM 500 model has a mechanized lid for complete noiseless operation.

The unit is sturdy, cost-effective & easy-to-install.

MajikSWITCH – In-Built Buttons on the CableCILLIN™ ensure content sharing/Comparing at just a press with no hassle of plugging/unplugging.

2 Universal type 5 Amp Power Sockets

2 USB power points for charging mobile phones

6 pass through grommets/holes for routing any kind of cables such as VGA, Audio, HDMI, Mini DP, DP, Laptop power supply etc.

MajikSWITCH Buttons:

  • In 402 model you get 2 MajikSWITCH buttons that allow you to switch between two connected sources which eliminate the need to plug/unplug cable to show presentation and also , for the first time it allows you share and compare two different presentations simultaneously.
  • In 403 model along with 2 MajikSWITCH left/right toggle buttons, you also get a 3rd MajikSWITCH button to optionally use it for wireless content sharing and also, for the first time ever, now you can compare & share not just two but three presentations/documents side-by-side simultaneously!

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